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Family Dinner Recipes + Meal Planning Ideas made with LOVE and most importantly, food my kids will eat, for busy parents and tired mamas who sometimes doesn’t feel like cooking and sometimes does.

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Black and white photo of Michelle Grewe drinking what appears to be a Capri Sun juice pouch but it's Sangria with rum in it.

Meet Michelle

Hi. I’m a single mom of 3, former overachiever, who is still on a life-long journey to climb out of the abyss the toddler years put me under. They are teenagers and preteens now so there really is no excuse, but you know, there hasn’t really been a solution either. I’ve been dividing zero by zero since the moment the pregnancy test showed a plus sign.  

I have embraced the chaos, and the one thing I have some control over is the meal planning. I’m just unorganized, so this site is to help me track nutrition, reduce carbs, avoid allergies, and stay within a budget.

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